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RoadPilot Micro review

RoadPilot Micro will keep a check on any fixed safety camera or accident blackspot you could encounter. What a good-natured chap

One of the smaller devices knocking about the shops, the RoadPilot is around the size of a Compact Flash card (remember those?) but being diddy does mean that an integral GPS receiver is out of the question.

First, a word of warning for set-up time: be prepared to break out the zip ties or you’ll be dealing with a jungle of cables snaking around the dash from your cigarette lighter.

Slow off the mark

To test the Micro, we hammered out of a leafy London suburb, squirting the throttle and getting our nifty Nissan 350Z out of shape at every opportunity. The RoadPilot picked up nearly every camera we passed but missed one that’s been in position for at least two months.

Speed guidance is a welcome feature, telling you how fast you’re supposed to be going, but the real bugbear is volume; if you’re listening to some raucous rock, you won’t hear the ‘audible’ warnings, and the Micro doesn’t flash a visual warning.

The RoadPilot Micro is indeed petite, but so is its weedy voice. A devil-may-care-driving style and penchant for high volume results in two flashes. Darn.

Stuff Says…

Score: 3/5