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Toshiba AT300 review

If you're after all-round value in these financially afflicted times, Toshiba's latest 10-incher might just hit the sweet spot between performance and price

Toshiba AT300 review – specs

The Toshiba AT300 isn’t quite as cheap as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, but unlike other budget tablets it offers quad-core processing power thanks to its Nvidia Tegra 3 CPU.

Toshiba AT300 review – design 

Design-wise, the AT300 is also best described as … fine. With its metallic-looking plastic back you might think the AT300 offers the best of both worlds. But while it might be good news for Wi-Fi reception, its looks leave us cold. Nice and thin at 8.9mm, but unlikely to get you salivating.

Toshiba AT300 review – performance

It’s certainly nippy with web browsing, gaming and even more demanding tasks such as photo editing all running smoothly. Unlike for instance on the Acer Iconia Tab A700, we never suffered any glitches or lag with the Toshiba AT300.

Toshiba AT300 review – display 

The AT300’s display is a 720p HD 1280×800 screen, which places it on a par with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 for resolution. It’s decent enough but the Tab 2’s is superior, with colours on the AT300 looking washed out in sunlight.

Toshiba AT300 review – camera

The 5MP camera on the Toshiba tablet gave us pale, blurry images – though we wouldn’t let a tablet’s snapper take up too much of our time.

Toshiba AT300 review – Ice Cream Sandwich 

The AT300 runs unadorned Ice Cream Sandwich which should mean you won’t have to wait too long for OS upgrades. Hello, Jelly Bean.

Toshiba AT300 review – battery life 

The proprietary charger is on the chunky side, but at least the AT300’s battery lasts around 9 hours so you shouldn’t need it that often.

Toshiba AT300 review – connectivity 

The AT300 may be skinny but Toshiba has found room for microUSB and microHDMI slots as well as a full-sized SD slot. Getting photos and vids on and off it is a doodle.

Toshiba AT300 review – speakers

The Tosh’s speakers are alright, but at high volumes you will feel the back of the tablet vibrating – not the most premium of effects.

Toshiba AT300 review – verdict 

And that pretty much sums up the AT300 – it’s good at everything it does, with no major flaws to hold it back and great price in its favour. It won’t set the world alight, but it’ll prove a sound purchase all the same.

Stuff Says…

Score: 4/5