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7 of the best apps and games for the LG G3

Treat your G3 to this hand-picked selection of apps and games that'll do its smartphone powers proud

The LG G3 is one of the best smartphones we’ve ever had the pleasure of welcoming into Stuff HQ, and there’s a good chance you’re currently the proud owner of one.

If you are, then why not show its crisp 2K screen, quad-core processor and laser-shooting camera some love with these apps and games?

Go on, you know you want to…

Netflix (£Free|£6 per month)

Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Arrested Development. If those aren’t enough to tempt you into dropping £6 a month Netflix then we don’t know what is. The recently updated app is smoother than ever and combined with the G3’s lusciously large screen, it’ll be the saviour of long, arduous commutes. Throw in the G3’s 4G capabilities and you won’t even have to worry about pesky buffering.

Download Netflix here

Nova Launcher Prime (£2.40)

7 of the best apps and games for the LG G3

While LG has improved on the its UI in leaps and bounds, serving up a flatter, simpler Android home screen, we still think that Nova Launcher is the best choice for those who want heavy customisation and theming options. It supports thousands of themed icons, gesture-based actions to quick-start your favourite apps and services, and lets you organise apps into tabs and folders. A recent update also supports the ‘Ok, Google’ home screen command, which is another bonus.

Download Nova Launcher Prime here

Monument Valley (£2.49)

7 of the best apps and games for the LG G3

Monument Valley easily proves that games can definitely be art. It’s a beautiful and delicate arcade adventure which looks fantastic on the G3’s super-sharp screen.

The world shifts around you – a silent princess – as you drag and spin components, Escher-like constructions, which create pathways that simultaneously amaze and boggle the mind in equal measure. It’s rather short for a paid game, but every moment is delightful, and it’s a beautifully crafted, thoughtful and reflective experience throughout.

Download Monument Valley here

Fleksy (£Free)

7 of the best apps and games for the LG G3

The G3’s stock keyboard is impressive in its own right, but if you prefer pecking away at your keys instead of swiping, then Fleksy is the best keyboard for you. It serves up wonderfully large keys which, coupled with the G3’s larger 5.5in screen, should mean less miss-hits. Fleksy really comes into its own with gesture controls however. They allow you to swipe back to delete, hold for characters and numbers, or swipe up and down to cycle through predicted words.

Download Fleksy keyboard here

Off Color

7 of the best apps and games for the LG G3

Warning: Mature content

Off color is essentially a digital version of the popular Cards Against Humanity card game. The premise is simple. Each round consists of being shown black question cards, which have one or more blanks. It’s your job to fill up those blanks from a selection of white answer cards. The aim is to gather the most anonymous votes for the best answers from your fellow players. And the most vulgar, most obscene, most politically incorrect choices always win.

You can create your own cards, putting your twisted imagination to use. It can take a while to find a game, but hopefully it’ll pick up steam and have more players. And to stress it one last time – this is not for young children or the easily offended.

Download Off Color here

Camera FV-5 (£2.49)

7 of the best apps and games for the LG G3

The G3’s laser-focusing 13MP camera is excellent, and LG has done a great job simplifying the controls to cut out the nonsense and unnecessary extra gimmicks. If you’re a professional photographer who wants to fiddle around with manual controls however, than Camera FV-5 serves up exactly what you’re looking for. It displays information like exposure and aperture, and lets you take long exposures and time-lapse shots, as well as allowing you to lock the exposure and white balance. Throw in a live RGB histogram and locked focus, and you’ve got yourself the next best thing to an actual camera.

Download Camera FV-5 here

THE ROOM 2 (£1.99)

7 of the best apps and games for the LG G3

The Room 2 is of the best puzzlers around, and it’s far more impressive on a big Android phone like the G3 than it is on the 4in iPhone 5s. Like the original, The Room 2 places you in a single room in front of a seemingly featureless box. Look more closely and you’ll find switches, catches and buttons which can be swiped, twisted and prodded to reveal more layers and new puzzles.

It’s simple in concept, but incredibly tough to crack, and is one of the best looking games to be found anywhere, showing off the G3’s graphical grunt in style.

Download The Room Two here

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