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Save up to 50% on gaming gear in Razer’s Amazon Black Friday sale

Up your game with Razer's Black Friday deals

Razer devices Black Friday deals

Razer has a great track record of delivering top-tier gaming gear at good prices. Now, thanks to Razer’s Amazon sale, those accessories have become even more affordable – Black Friday customers can currently get up to 50% off certain products.

Our top pick for this Black Friday is Razer’s Kaira Pro Xbox wireless headset, which has been slashed to $90 in the US – a 40% saving from the original $150 RRP – and £76 in the UK, an even bigger drop from the original £150 price. The discount isn’t as impressive for the non-Pro version here in the UK, but Amazon US is offering a healthy 50% reduction, from $100 down to $50.

PlayStation gamers should check out the Kaira Pro Dual Wireless headset instead, which can be had for a cool $130 – a saving of $70. It’ll set you back £145 in the UK, which is still a £55 saving over RRP.

Further savings can be found in the Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma Pro Controller for Xbox, down from $150 to $100 in the US and from £150 to £109 in the UK, and the Razer Quick Charging Stand for PlayStation 5, down from $40 to $30 for US shoppers and from £50 to £40 here in the UK.

Keyboard warriors are just as well catered to as console gamers. The Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini keyboard has been reduced to $110 in the US, down from $200, while in the UK you can snap one up for £129, a 28% discount over the £180 RRP. The even smaller Huntsman Mini, for those who demand the most desk space, is down from $130 to $80 in the US, and can be had for £59 here in the UK – a 55% reduction from the original £130 price.

Razer’s Amazon sale delivers for streamers, too. Razer’s Audio Mixer is an All-in-One mixer that comes with four channels that allow for easy audio mixing between microphones, gameplay, music/chat and system volumes. There are multiple input sources for connections, and built-in audio processing will make your streams sound crisp. The Razer Audio Mixer is not top-tier gear, but for $216 (down from $250) it’s a great bit of kit for streamers just starting out.

If it’s rodents you’re after, Razer has dropped the price of the Viper Ultimate lightweight gaming mouse to $80, a healthy $40 saving for US customers. In the UK it’s even more of a steal at £64, down from £170. The Razer Basilisk V3 mouse, meanwhile, will now set you back £38, a saving of £32 over pre-Black Friday pricing.

Finally the Razer Barracuda X is down to £56 here in Blighty, a price shaving of 44%, while the Razer Kraken V3 has been cut to £80.

We’ve long been fans of Razer here at Stuff. We picked the Razer Kishi v2 smartphone controller as our gaming accessory of the year 2022. Simply slot your phone into the Kishi v2 and it transforms into a comfortable handheld console, with the USB-C connection ensuring you don’t have to worry about keeping it charged. We’re big fans of Razer’s gaming chairs, too.

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