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Alienware M15 review

Can Alienware's Max-Q enabled M15 make light work of gaming on the go?

When it comes to gaming systems, Alienware’s offerings have differentiated themselves with an edgy design and that glowing alien cranium.

Their computers have sometimes been chunky, but somehow Alienware managed to make massive chunks of plastic look cool and sleek. 

But in today’s market, we expect everything to be slimlined, compact, portable. Oh, and with as much display as will fit into a svelte body as possible.

Thankfully, Nvidia’s Max-Q architecture has allowed portable computer makers to slim their gaming laptops down considerably, and Alienware’s M15 is its lightest, slimmest gaming laptop beast yet.

But does it make light work of the latest gaming titles? Let’s find out.

Design and build: Extraterrestrial chic