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Fujifilm Finepix Z1 review

Still one of the best-looking compacts around, and that toughened glass will keep the LCD from getting weathered in your pocket.

Fujifilm’s original FinePix Z1 is still a highly sought after snapper despite the launch of the updated Z2. For a not astronomical amount of your hard earned you can get your hands one of the finest fashion cams on the market.

This is an excellent pocket camera, partly because the lens doesn’t extend even in use and the glass on the big 2.5-inch LCD has been specially toughened.

The camera doesn’t just protect itself however – it’s a thoughtful soul with a clean, smart design won’t snag your pockets.

The Z1 is pretty good in low light, with a maximum ISO of 800, has a reputable 3x optical zoom and has one of the best movie modes around, shooting at 640×480 pixels and 30fps.

All this meaty goodness and it weighs only 130g. Now that’s what we call lean. 

Stuff Says…

Score: 5/5