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PDP REALMz puts a collectible spin on game controllers

Figurine-filled Switch and Xbox pads coming soon

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Filling your shelves with figurines might scratch that collect-em-all itch for a while, but aside from looking snazzy all they do is gather dust. Better to collect something you can actually use, then – like PDP’s new Realmz line of Xbox and Nintendo Switch controllers and headsets. Launching later this year, each one has a miniature model from a famous franchise inside.

Sonic the Hedgehog is first in line, with Sonic, Tails and Knuckles available to collect. Each controller is transparent, letting you peek at the figure set into the left handgrip, while LED illuminations show them off while gaming in the dark. Colourful cutouts inspired by each franchise cover the internal circuitry, and the buttons, triggers and bumpers are all colour-matched to each character. There’s a choice of wired and wireless models.

It’s not just controllers, either. PDP has a wired Nintendo Switch headset in the offing, with Sonic embedded in one of the transparent ear cups.

PDP has priors when it comes to figurines: it produced the mega-successful Disney Infinity toy line, and is working with the same factory again for the REALMz range.

Next in line is Hasbro’s Transformers franchise; Optimus Prime will be rolling out in October, followed at the end of the year by Nintendo stalwart Pikmin. A yellow and green colour scheme, leafy backdrop and red Pikmin character should turn heads for fans of the series, which has recently reached entry number four.

There’s also a wired version heading to the Xbox, with a more graphical styling to appeal to that console’s older audience. Don’t worry, though: each one still has a figurine inside. The button inputs are customisable here, using PDP’s companion app.

The PDP REALMz line is set to go on sale in the next month or so, with prices starting at $39 (roughly £30) for the Switch wired controller and headset, $59 (around £45) for the Switch wireless controller, and $49 (about £40) for the wired Xbox controller. The Sonic line is available to pre-order this week.

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