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Drop everything and download: SpellTower+

Get in the last word

Most games creators go with what they love. Not Zach Gage, who challenged himself back in 2011 to work within a genre he couldn’t stand – word games.

The resulting SpellTower was a stellar success, mashing up classic newspaper-style word games, Boggle and Tetris. Now, it’s back to eat into your every waking moment – as SpellTower+.

What’s it all about, then?

Like the original SpellTower, this sequel has you find and tap out words that snake through a stack of letter tiles. When they disappear, gravity takes over.

In modes like Tower, you must choose wisely to make best use of your finite pile. Other modes add new rows of letters over time or for every move you make, gradually ramping up the tension as your stack approaches the red line of doom.

SpellTower+ adds to this foundation with bonus double-value tiles, double-speed modes, and the new Search game.

Is it any good?

Is it any good?

Objectively, yes, because it’s basically SpellTower, only more so, and SpellTower was always a superb word game. There is quite the feeling of déjà vu at first, mind, given how similar this sequel is to its predecessor.

However, little touches shine through: the optimisation for a range of devices; double-speed modes being meaningfully different in play, in part through dramatically lowering game length; Search’s mix of strategy and one-hit word creation.

Also, the free price-tag means even cheapskates can now come along for the ride. (Our advice: pay up. Doing so removes the ads, unlocks more modes, and gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling that comes from supporting indie game devs.)

Where can I get it?

SpellTower+ is available now for iOS (free + £4.99 IAP, App Store). An Android version is in development.

Oh, and if you play an actual word the game rejects, nudge Zach on Twitter to add it to the in-game dictionary. (We’re still bristling at a masterful game-saving find of ‘sarnies’ not being allowed…)