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B&W Zeppelin Air review

A well as an unusual cigar-shaped chassis, this distinctive speaker also packs Apple AirPlay for wireless streaming from iTunes

AirPlay and iTunes

The weighty, well-built Zeppelin has had a slight rejig, but it remains unmistakable. The original premium iPod dock is now one of the first AirPlay docks; you can stream music to it from an iThing, Mac or PC via iTunes, using your Wi-Fi network. Its USB input lets you sync your iOS device to iTunes from the dock, a video output will pipe its videos to a screen and a 3.5mm input hooks up other music players. The speaker is supplied with a fairly basic remote, but you can also your iDevice’s more detailed interface for full control of your music.

Sound quality

Switching between a docked iPhone and an AirPlay device isn’t as slick as we’d like, but it works. There is a slight drop in audio quality with AirPlay compared to a docked portable, but either way you can expect a big, powerful sound with lashings of bass and voices that are natural and detailed. It goes loud without any hint of trouble.

Stuff Says…

Score: 5/5

Sound: 4/5

Design: 5/5