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Canon G1X Mark III review

Honey, Canon just shrunk the DSLR...

Is it possible to get excited about a compact camera in 2017?

After all, between dual-lens smartphones and compact system cameras, we’re already spoiled for choice when it comes to small, powerful snappers.

But Canon’s G1X Mark III is that rare thing – a genuinely innovative (and yes, even exciting) compact.

Why? It basically stuffs Canon’s DSLR tech (including an APS-C sensor) into a pocketable form factor, then tops it with the cherry of 3x optical zoom.

That’s an unusual combination – premium compacts like the Fujifilm X100 and Sony’s full-frame RX1 tend to have fixed lenses, but this flagship Powershot promises to combine the flexibility of zoom with a DSLR-style sensor. And fit it all in your coat pocket.

Sounds too good to be true? Let’s see what it can deliver…

Design: pocket powerhouse

Take one look at the G1X Mark III and it’s obvious who it’s aimed at.