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Sony PSP review

The Sony PlayStation Portable comes with its own UMD movie format, has a 4.3in colour screen and a pile of freebie online content

The PSP is the best portable gaming machine ever. Stick Alton Towers on casters, give it a battery and the Sony would still be our choice.

What other machine offers a widescreen of such excellent performance that units, terminally damaged due to the tears of weeping grown men, have been returned to Sony complete with thank you notes? What other machine offers its own dinky (though slightly expensive) UMD movie format?

Mix in movie and photo transfer capability, MP3 playback, plus a speaker that actually makes a bearable noise and you have media love. Nay, media lurve.

It’s wireless too

While you’re wandering around wireless territory you can also take a quick surf and check out the increasing freebie content at www.yourpsp.com. However, the max 4GB memory (with an add-on) means – other than a bag of UMDs or memory cards – a lack of content choice while on the go.

If only, while out and using the internet, you could gain access to programmes from your home’s TV or DVD player. Ah yes, that’ll be what Sony plans with its forthcoming LocationFree package. Cigar anyone?


Game over at the four-hour mark

We’re not completely blind to its shortcomings though. The battery conks out after four hours, and the PSP’s analogue stick is (say it quietly) actually not that great. It lacks precision, and anyone with a man-size thumb will struggle big time. That and the fact you’d be wise to choose headphones other than those bundled with your PSP.

But the 4.3in colour widescreen is pole position material, delivering smooth action and extraordinary depth of field. Sound, though best through some buds, is also nowt short of brilliant. We like…

Stuff Says…

Score: 5/5