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Promoted: 7 things that make the most of the Galaxy Note 4’s unmatched screen

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has a smashing screen. 5.7in makes it a proper whopper, and its AMOLED technology means it can present HD material with amazing clarity.

It’s also got four times the pixels of a Full HD screen, so TV and films can look their very best. Better yet, we’re here to help: yank the Note 4 from its box and you’ll be greeted with a world of awesome apps. We’ve picked out a handful of stunners.

1 500px

An app that will make even accomplished photographers feel like also-rans – and those looking for a bit of inspiration will be in heaven. 500px’s favouriting and liking system means quality simply floats to the top, giving you a treasure-trove of incredible photography, all of which looks terrific on that super-bright AMOLED screen.

2 Gameloft

Gameloft is an absolute treasure trove of mobile games, and what’s more, there’s plenty on its virtual shelves optimised specially for Samsung’s Galaxy phones, many of which you won’t pay a penny for. You’ll also get group play features that will let you beat – sorry, compete against – your chums across the pub table. Try to be a gracious winner.

3 BBC Weather

A weather app? Good looking? From the BBC? The days of Michael Fish sending us into a great storm wearing nothing but swimming trunks and a pair of flip-flops are past: these days the BBC is making some wonderful interactive apps, and BBC Weather is a superb case. Big bold icons, strong colour and sympathetic backgrounds make this a real looker, while its location sensitivity makes it dead handy for seeing what kind of gale is blowing outdoors.


Can a smartphone be an artistic platform? The Note 4 reckons so: its S Pen stylus is a responsive, pressure sensitive device that lets you handwrite notes and snip portions of the screen, but PEN.UP! lets you do way more. Create a genius piece of art, submit it and you could be on your way to the Hall of Fame. A word of warning: the best stuff on there is stunning and will make you feel like a talentless flop. 5 Monument Valley

A word of warning: this £2.49 game is a shorty, and you’ll probably get through it in an afternoon. Red Dead Redemption it ain’t. What it is, though, is stunning. The impossible geometry of the game, married to a bold-but-never-chintzy colour scheme and fun puzzles, makes this a deeply satisfying head-scratcher that looks awesome from start to regrettably-soon finish.

6 Timely

The only good alarm clock, in our opinion, is one that’s been smashed against the wall until the only sound it can make is a sort of final exhausted whimper before shutting up forever. We’re not morning people, is what we’re saying. Still, if you must get up before lunchtime, use Timely. This sensational-looking piece of art/timepiece includes a standard alarm, a clock, timer and a stopwatch. There are a bunch of user-definable themes, and the slick animations make it very easy on the eye. If you absolutely must get up, this is the ticket.

7 Pinterest

Pinterest isn’t all home-made doilies and cat pictures, you know. This world-wide noticeboard covers everything from holiday destinations to dream cars, and you can add to your virtual pinboard from virtually any website. Ace for actual planning or idle dreaming.

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