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10 best over-ear headphones 2022 reviewed and rated

Whether you're looking for a pair of wireless, noise-cancelling or budget headphones, these models all sound great

The payoff for looking like a Cyberman-in-training is enjoying some excellent quality music, wirelessly, while shutting out the outside world. They may be expensive, but earphones like these are the best way to experience high-end audio. Here’s our guide to the best over-ear or on-ear headphones.


Apple AirPods Max

Apple’s first over-ears are big, heavy, often brilliant, and far too expensive. Apple has made some fantastic headphones, but they’re not going to pull in the proper audiophile chin-strokers, and they’re not close to being worth £200 more than Sony’s XM4s, which remain the best overall noise-cancelling headphones for our money. Sony’s cans also come with a proper case – these don’t.


  • Rich and detailed sound
  • Superb noise-cancelling
  • Spatial audio enhances TV and movies
  • They just work
Apple AirPods Max review