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McLaren’s Senna is like an F1 car for the road

The most incredible street-legal McLaren yet

If you’re gonna name a car after the best driver ever to sit inside one of your Formula One cars, it had better live up to the hype. On looks alone, you’d think the McLaren Senna has that in the bag: it’s a track-focused monster that’s overflowing with aerodynamic tweaks, from the colossal spoiler at the back and huge splitter at the front to the angry air inlets that scythe through the carbon fibre chassis. It weighs next to nothing (for a hypercar, anyway) and with a twin-turbocharged V8 engine driving the wheels, you can expect a power-to-weight ratio of 660bhp per ton. That’s enough grunt to restart a small sun. No word on frivolities such as top speed or 0-60mph times just yet, but expect them to be equally ludicrous once McLaren announces them early next year. You’d need £750,000 to spend and a spot in your garage – preferably one with tall ceilings, to make room for the scissor doors – to nab one, but if you haven’t got a deposit in already, you’re too late: all 500 hand-built cars have already been sold ahead of a summer 2018 delivery date.

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