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GeForce Now just made Mac gaming a whole lot easier

Nvidia’s cloud gaming tech unlocks your Steam account on macOS

Gaming on a laptop is never fun, but doubly so if that laptop is a MacBook. MacOS has only recently started playing nicely with Steam, and even then Apple’s operating system is pretty selective about which titles it’ll run. GeForce Now solves both those problems, offloading the heavy lifting to a graphics card in the cloud. After rolling out in the US earlier in the year, Mac users in Europe can now get in on the action, with GTX 1080-class performance in over 100 games, including big names that haven’t yet made the jump to macOS like Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, Blizzard’s Overwatch and The Witcher 3. 30ms lag means you’d struggle to notice you’re watching a video instead of raw gameplay (trust us, we’ve tried it) and because everything is stored in the cloud, you don’t have to wait ages for your games to install either. Just log into your Steam or battle.net account, click play, and you’re away. Controller support is a bit iffy right now (thanks, macOS) but Nvidia has a few workarounds if you can’t survive with mouse and keyboard alone. The best bit? While it’s in beta, GeForce Now will be completely free – so there’s no excuse for missing out on play time when you’re away from your beefy gaming PC.