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NewGen’s 345-E electric bike helps you conquer your commute

And it comes with space to stow your shopping

NewGen 345-E electric bike on a plain white background

You can barely leave the house these days without nearly getting knocked over by some vaping scrote on an electric scooter, but if you’re looking for a way to get around town that won’t get you in trouble with the local plod, NewGen’s battery-assisted two-wheeler looks ideal. 

Designed for nipping from A to B and back rather than making longer treks towards F or even J, the new street-legal 345-E is powered by a 250W Bafang motor and a 36V 10.4ah battery that give it a top speed of 15.5mph and a range of up to 20 miles – perfect for those journeys that are just that little bit too far to do on foot. 

Those chunky 20x4in tan-wall tyres don’t just give the 345-E a BMX vibe, they’re perfect for absorbing all the bumps of the mean suburban streets, while the bit underneath the top tube is a cargo deck that comes with straps to hold your stuff in place. You won’t stow a whole week’s shopping down there, but it’s handy for holding a few bits. The saddle is weatherproof, too.

If you want, though, you can ask NewGen to soup your bike up a bit and replace the standard battery with a beefier 16ah one that’ll double the range to up to 40 miles, while the single-speed gearing can be switched for an eight-speed Shimano job. If you fancy venturing past K and going off-road towards P, you can also swap the rigid fork for coil suspension, but change too much and you might as well just buy one of NewGen’s other bikes instead.

The 345-E’s frame is available in six colours – slate grey, ocean blue, camo green, desert tan, mustard yellow and bone white – and each one has an integrated rear light and built-in USB port for keeping your phone topped up while you ride.

Prices start at £1990 and you can order from newgenbikes.com.

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