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Sonus Faber’s debut outdoor speaker reaches for the sky

Slim, streamlined, and loud: alfresco-style.

Sonus Faber's Aster outdoor speaker on wall

Looking to entertain round your house? Look no further than Sonus Faber’s latest offering – its debut outdoor speaker, dubbed the Aster. Designed to offer natural sound in outdoor space, this new speaker is an entertainer’s dream.

Taking things alfresco, Sonus Faber’s newest packs the brand’s renowned high-quality audio into a speaker designed to entertain outdoors. It boasts dedicated high and low/mid transducers, which will deliver balanced sound.

Since Sonus Faber’s newest number will live outside, you’ll want to know how well it can brave the outdoors. Finished in either black or white, the protective enclosure keeps things protected, while still looking stylish enough to stick on a wall. The Aster is IP65 water and dust resistant, so should fare well against the elements.

Speaking of sticking the Aster on the wall, Sonus Faber has made this super easy. There’s a mounting bracket to screw into the wall first, before screwing the speaker into the bracket. This same bracket can tilt the Aster at 15-degree increments, so you won’t need to fiddle around with any angled screws. Pretty nifty, right?

While the Aster suits your outdoor space at home rather well, it’s also an ideal accompaniment for hospitality spaces. The speaker will set you back £375/$450, and is available for purchase now. Sonus Faber uses Fine Sounds UK to distribute its products, so you can order directly from the store.