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SunGod’s new Ultras are slick, lightweight shades designed specifically for runners

An ideal choice for protecting your peepers in style

From the sun’s rays, to swarms of midges and stray frisbees, running can be a hazardous ordeal for your eyes — and any seasoned pavement pounder will attest to the fact that most regular sunglasses fail to live up to the challenge.

Enter the SunGod Ultras. Designed specifically for runners, their frameless construction for unimpeded vision, combined with an incredibly lightweight build, make them an ideal choice for frolicking about in the elements.

Weighing in at a mere 26g, the Ultras manage to shave off precious pounds thanks to SunGod’s new 8KO lenses. Forged from 2mm-thin nylon, these lenses have the benefit of being both lighter and optically superior to industry-standard polycarbonate lenses, while triple-layer scratch-resistance provides extra peace of mind against key-wielding toddlers and/or unfortunate tumbles.

This toughness goes beyond the lenses too, with the frame made from the company’s reassuringly-named “Adventureproof” material. Available in a variety of eye-catching two-tone colours, you can also opt for an Infinite frame option which promises the same durability, while being made from 100 percent recycled material. Fully customisable, you can mix and match your choice of frame, icon, earsock and lens options, including two photochromic lenses which react to changing lighting conditions.

Throw in four different-sized rubber nose pads for a secure fit, a palatable £130 price tag (up to £170 with photochromic lenses), and a lifetime guarantee with free repairs, and you’ve got yourself a formidable pair of running specs for braving the great outdoors.