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Pixy is a palm-sized drone dedicated to Snapchat

A one-tap flying camera that takes off and lands from your hand - the Snap Pixy wants to take your Snapchat game airborne

Stuff Snap Pixy drone taking off from a hand

Handheld selfies are so last year. 2022 is all about getting airborne, and Snap’s newest arrival will let you do it just about anywhere. The Snap Pixy is a pocket-sized drone with built-in cameras that can send photos and videos straight to Snapchat Memories.

There’s no need to whip out a dedicated flight controller, or pilot Pixy with your smartphone. Just press the button on the drone itself to select one of four flightpaths, hold out your hand and let it take off. The choice includes hover, orbit and follow, with photos and videos snapped automatically during each flight. Hold your hand out again and the drone will return to it and land.

The on-board camera has a 12MP sensor that’s good for shooting video at 2.7K resolution, and the 16GB of built-in flash storage can store up to 100 videos or 1000 photos. Snap addicts will need to add their own soundtracks when editing footage in the Snapchat app, though, as it doesn’t record sound.

Naturally Snap has given Pixy the same eye-catching yellow colour scheme seen on the Snapchat app, and on the firm’s Snapchat Spectacles.

Snap hasn’t given a precise battery life, only that Pixy can manage between five and eight flights before it will need plugging in. At 101 grams it’s an exceptionally light drone, so probably won’t cope too well when the wind picks up, and it’s not splash-resistant either.

Prices start at $230, which includes a bumper strap to carry the drone, a battery and charging cable. A more comprehensive flight pack also adds in some extra batteries and a dedicated charger. Extra batteries cost $20 each and the charger is $50, so the bundle seems like a good deal.

Unfortunately Snap says Pixy is set for a very limited production run. As such, it’s only heading to the US and France – for now, at least. It’s available for sign-ups now on the official Pixy website.

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