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1,000-strong iPhone 5 queue smashes UK record

Braved the cold Friday morning in a queue for the new iPhone 5? Congratulations – you're a record breaker


Over a thousand people have braved the chilly September morning in London to be some of the first in the country to wrap their mitts around the slender body of the iPhone 5 (reviewed here).

Researchers from 63336 have counted a grand total of 1,297 faithful Appleites who are pouring into Apple’s flagship Regent Street store as we speak, breaking Apple’s previous record of 778 people queuing for the iPhone 4S. And demand is equally high around the world – there have been more than two million pre-orders for the iPhone 5. That’s a lot of new handsets floating around.

With punters from China, Europe and the rest of the world joining Londoners in line, we can only hope that the new flakey iOS 6 Maps app will get them home safely before they lose their way and die of dysentery.

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