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5 of the best geek chairs

Ditch your old leather Winchester and settle your backsides in to one of these geeky seats

The central dogma of Geekdom dictates that we must sit for long periods of time in front of a screen with a keyboard and/or gamepad in our pale, sweaty hands. Here are some of the best seats to lavishly cradle your backside in style.

Sonic chair

£POA, sonic-chair.de

Boasting a near-unlimited range of colours and attachments from iPads, iMacs and laptop tables, this circular chair allows any audio source imaginable to be plugged in. The spherical lounger is equipped with high-quality loudspeakers, separate tweeters and a centre subwoofer and the ‘ask-first-pay-later’ price will no doubt make your wallet run for the hills.

Villain chair

£3,300, purelygadgets.co.uk

As your arch nemesis plummets to his doom thanks to a cleverly hidden trap door, you swivel around to see your doomsday device begin its launch – a launch that will mean the end of civilization as we know it. Evil genius or not, there’s no denying that this ominous looking chair’s 20 leather padded sections look extremely comfortable.

Captain Kirk’s replica chair

£5,666, ishoptoys.co.uk

There’s geeky, and then there’s Star Trek geeky. Although an exact 1:1 replica of the legendary Captain Kirk’s command chair will be an utter repellent to the majority of the public, you will truly become god-like in the eyes of your fellow nerds. Built-in controls and sound effects will make this the most expensive toy you’ll never afford.

Hoverit lounger

£5,875, hoverit.co.uk

This lounger proves that magnets are for more than just sticking the shopping list on your fridge door. Although the clear acrylic construction may not seem all too comfortable, you must remember that you will be floating. In the air. Like a cloud. What more could you possibly want? Apart from a cheaper price-tag that is.

Octopus chair

£35,000, firebox.co.uk

Sailing the seven seas and picking up lost souls to join your crew of undead pirates can be stressful. What better way to relax after a hard days looting than by retreating to your cabin, sitting down on this ludicrously priced monstrosity and playing some soothing organ music?

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