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5 reasons you need the all-new redesigned Stuff magazine

Stuff magazine is relaunching this week, cleverer, funnier and more useful. Here's why it's time to start queuing outside WHSmiths...

Think you know Stuff magazine? Think again. We’ve spent months refashioning and retooling the world’s biggest gadget magazine into a technology tome fit for the future, and you’ll be able to get your hands on it come May 2nd 2013 from Apple Newsstand, Google Play Magazines, Zinio, Exact Editions or, of course, from your local newsagent.

There are literally thousands of reasons to buy it, but that would make a very, very long web story. So we’ve narrowed it down to five:

1. It’ll turn you into a tech genius

Pop out your old gadget brain and slot in a superpowered version with the Stuff Projects section. It’s our new guide to doing amazing things with your gadgets, from building a home network from scratch to sharpening your creative chops in our monthly ‘Beta yourself’ masterclass. Of course, knowledge is nothing without new tech – so we’ll show you how to live a gadget life less ordinary in ‘Alterna-gadget’ and reveal how to ‘awesomise’ your current tech too. Once you’re up to capacity on shiny inanimate things, you can tuck into our in-depth ‘names to drop’ interviews with the most knowledgeable, influential people in tech. Aside from you, of course.

2. It thinks of everything

You’re a busy person, we know that, and that’s why we spend every waking hour sifting through the oceans of Gadgetland to bring you only the tastiest tech morsels. But how do we decide what makes it into the glorious Supertest battle? Our new, patented* Gadget Percolator has the answers, showing the great pool of gadgets we began with and how we filtered it down to the handful of devices stepping into the ring. Not only are we putting forward the very best gadgets, we’re giving them time to impress us over hundreds of hours for our Long Term Test, and giving them the space they deserve so that you’re left with no doubt at all whether this is the perfect new partner for your gadget life. You’re welcome.

*patent might not actually exist, but if you copy the Percolator we’ll be really cross.

3. It sees the future

Like the bionic mecha-child of Mystic Meg, Russell Grant and a cupboard full of computers, the new Stuff sees the future in 16K resolution with its huge digital eyes. Thanks to a combination of insight, investigation and time travel, we know everything that’s going to happen, long before it happens. Gasp at the wonders we unveil in Trend Tracker, Stuff’s new infographical info-injection of the latest movements in the gadgetsphere! Gawp as we report on things yet to be invented in Next Big Thing and Future Stuff! Wince as you try not to think about two psychics making out in a cupboard! Oh, and bet on Lofty Broomcake in the 3.30 at Chepstow on June 17, 2019. You didn’t hear it from us.

4. It’s about much more than gadgets

Then there’s Everything Else. Giggling over gadgets in their purest form is fine for starters but tech has always meant more to us. In the Reset issue we nudge your bits of kit into talking to each other, like a souped up Match.com for gadgets, and get some beautiful results. Killer games get more testing time in The Big Game Hunt, we show you the best geek gear to strap to your limbs in Fashion and App:roved mows down hundreds of thousands of apps to find that one perfect download for everything from reading comics to keeping an eye on your pot bellied pets.

5. It looks better than ever

We don’t want to come across vain or shallow but we now look really good. Like, flippin’ gorgeous. Aside from the beautiful (and functional) Gadget Percolator (see reason two) the whole mag has had a makeover. Our hotshot designers spent hours locked in a windowless room and weren’t allowed out until they could prove they’d produced a cleaner, clearer mag that’s easier on the eye than Beyonce in a bath full of puppies. We’ve also introduced more on-location photography, simplified Top 10s and Hot Stuff’s new Gigapixel – our way of bringing you the month’s most jaw-dropping images from the world of tech.

Check out the video teaser below…

The all-new Stuff is out now, available from Apple Newsstand, Google Play Magazines, Zinio, Exact Editions or, of course, from your local newsagent.

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