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Alienware Aurora R15 beams up 13th gen Intel power

Joined by more mainstream QD-OLED monitor

Alienware Aurora R15 QD-OLED monitor keyboard hot stuff

Intel has only just taken the wraps off its 13th generation Core CPUs, but system builder Alienware has wasted no time in refreshing its line-up of gaming desktops. The Alienware Aurora R15 is also first out the gate with Nvidia 40 Series graphics cards, promising ridiculous levels of performance for discerning gamers with big wallets.

Each Aurora R15 configured with a K-series Intel Raptor Lake processor (ie unlocked chips that’ll handle a dab of overclocking) will get a 240mm liquid cooler, along with three extra 120mm fans to keep everything cool when it’s working hard. The case has gained hexagonal side venting to increase air flow, and there’s an option to step up to the 240mm Cryo-Tech liquid cooler complete with chunkier radiator.

Depending on spec, you’ll be able to add an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card, with an 80 Plus Platinum-rated 1350W power supply on hand to feed it (and the CPU) enough volts to cope with just about any game you’d care to throw at it. Alienware reckons a fully kitted-out R15 will deliver a double digit performance uplift over the previous gen model, while keeping the CPU as much as 5˚C cooler under load.

It’s joined by the AW3423DWF, Alienware’s second QD-OLED gaming monitor. The firm was one of the first out of the gate with quantum dot OLED tech, courtesy of last year’s AW3423DW, and this variant looks like more of the same – while being a little friendly on the wallet.

Expect a 34in curved ultrawide panel, with 3440×1440 resolution, 0.1ms response times and a 165Hz refresh rate while PC gaming, or 120Hz VRR when hooked up to a next-gen console. The biggest difference seems to be AMD FreeSync Premium Pro adaptive sync, rather than the nVidia G-Sync found on the pricier model. The design has been slimmed down a bit for easier wall-mounting, and has been given the TUV seal of approval for reduced blue light.

Finally, the AW420K gaming keyboard aims to free up a little more desk space by ditching the number pad. It’s Alienware’s first tenkeyless ‘board, with a travel-friendly footprint and detachable USB cable. The underside has cable management channels, the top has a solid metal top plate to give dust and debris fewer places to hide, and the switches are tried-and-tested Cherry MX Reds. Naturally the whole thing has RGB backlighting, in case your gaming station is in need of a glow up.

All three models will be joining Alienware’s US line-up later this year, with UK and European availability yet to be confirmed. Expect to pay $130 (around £120) for the Tenkeyless keyboard and $1100 (roughly £1050) for the QD-OLED monitor. Aurora R15 prices are still TBC, but will depend on how liberal you are with the options list.