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Apple I motherboard sells for £240,000 – here’s what you should buy instead

Won the lottery? Don't squander your cash on outdated slabs of tech. Follow this simple guide to reach consumerist Nirvana

An Apple I motherboard was recently sold by Sotheby’s for a cool US$374,500 (£240,000). Even though it’s only one of six working examples in the world, we still reckon there are far better things that cash-infused geeks could spend their money on…

Race two Batmobiles

Why get only one officially licensed replica of Adam West’s iconic 1966 replica Batmobile for £120,000 when you can buy two and race a friend? Featuring every little detail from the classic TV series including a shiny red Bat phone, a rocket exhaust flamethrower and a glowing Detect-a-Scope radar screen, you’ll also get a few modern treats like a dash-mounted DVD player thrown in to boot. Just watch out for post boxes, phone booths and groups of helpless nuns.

Broadcast messages to Earth from space

Twitter? Bah. At only £190 a pop, you can beam a personal message to any region on Earth via a satellite from space, thanks to the ArduSat Kickstarter project. Whether you decide to tell your neighbours to trim their pesky hedge, or just fancy speaking to the population of Samoa about how your day has been so far, you can rest assured in the knowledge that £240,000 will net you 1,263 personal broadcasts. That’s plenty of breathing space, so feel free to get creative, as long as it’s clean – kids are everywhere.

Buy shares in Apple

Why buy an antiquated motherboard when you can buy actual shares in Apple instead? Granted, £240,000 will only manage to get you 417 shares at today’s price, but with the Apple iPhone 5 expected in September, along with the Retina Display race finally kicking off with the all-new Retina Display MacBook Pro, buying shares in the fruit company could be the best investment you’ve ever made. Much better than that Ab-cruncher 3000 that’s been collecting dust in the corner for the past decade…

Get eight 85in TVs

That’s right. You could create a wall of televisions bigger than your house if you spent that £240,000 on eight Panasonic 85in full HD TVs. Our retinas have almost detached just trying to comprehend the thought of that much screen real estate, so it’s probably best not to think about it until the cranes have moved into place, ready for installation. We’d also invest in a comfy chair if we were you.

Relieve Raphael Nadal of his watch

Raphael Nadal’s Richard Mille RM027 Tourbillon watch made headlines recently when it went missing from his hotel room, thanks to a light-fingered hotel employee. He got it back in one piece however, which is just as well as we’d lament the loss of such a fine example of wrist-hugging craftsmanship. Its insane lightness and lithium alloy construction lend it incredible durability, which it definitely needs to withstand the Spaniard’s canon-like power. Worth £240,000, he might  be tempted to sell it for face value to save himself any future hassle.

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