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Apple patent reveals Peek Mode for Smart Cover

Could this power-saving peeping patent find its way into the iPad Mini?

Want to take a sneaky peek at your iPad screen? Apple has a patent for Peek Mode, a Smart Cover feature that’ll tease out your iPad’s display.

Peek Mode lets you get a glimpse of the iPad’s screen by partially lifting the cover – by using the magnets in the edge of the Smart Cover, it activates a small section of the iPad’s screen – so you can see part of the display while saving battery. The patent also proposes that the second flap section can be lifted to – using the front-facing camera sensor – light some more of the screen, which can activate whatever the user needs.

We love the idea of glancing at a small chunk of the screen to check out essential info – like the time, weather, and our news feeds. Or perhaps your latest email could be shown on a larger section upon opening two sections of the Smart Cover.

The bad news? This patent has been gathering dust in a Cupertino vault. So, Apple – any chance you could plan ahead of the iPhone 5 launch and unveil Peek Mode at the iPad Mini event in October?

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[Via AppleInsider]

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