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Become a one-man band with these wearable music gadgets

Busking with an old acoustic guitar is yesterday's news – don this portable electronic tech to make sweet music

We know how it is. You’re bursting with more talent than a Mozart/Metallica hybrid, but are struggling to express yourself in a manner that do your skills justice. Take to the streets as a 21st-century busker with this collection of wearable music making gear.

Mega Stomp Panic

£40 roobix.co.uk

We’ve lost count of the number of times we wished we could be giant robots/monsters/pirates as kids, but now thanks to the wonders of the Mega Stomp Panic, we can. Clipping the sound effects kit to your leg results in authentic sounds blasted out of the built in speaker with each step, with bigger stomps producing loud clanks, gunshots or zombie groans (depending on which of the nine effects you’ve chosen). Those 8-bit effects will be perfect for your chiptune epic.

Electronic drum machine T-shirt

£30 firebox.com

Unleash your inner beat demon with this wearable drum machine T-shirt which packs in nine different kits from retro 808s to Jazz. An handy loop function will also be useful for when you need your hands free to tinker with our next gadget…

Apple iPad Mini

from £270 store.apple.com

The smallest of the iPad family still packs a mighty punch despite its conveniently pocket-sized frame. Its smaller 8.9in display offers up a more portable solution for on-the-go music crafting with GarageBand – still one of the easiest ways to create your own music without needing a degree in music theory.

Piano gloves

£20 bestofferbuy.com

So you’ve got your robot sound effects sorted, a guitar riff on GarageBand all set up and a drum beat looping on your chest. What’s missing? Why, the melodic sound of a piano of course. Save yourself lugging around your keyboard and go mobile with these piano gloves. All you need is a hard surface to hit those invisible keys and you’ll be busting out tunes and keeping your digits warm and toasty in no time.

C.VOX jacket

from £76 debenhams.com

Your hands aren’t the only things you’ll need to keep warm during your one-man winter busking crusade. And with built-in music controls and speakers, you can plug in your iPad Mini and make sweet music on the go – and annoy everyone else on the bus. Still, it’s alright – the jacket’s machine washable, so you don’t need to worry about the public showing their appreciation for your musical gifts by emptying a pint over you. Everyone’s a critic.

[main image via T-Shirt Magazine]