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Best Samsung Galaxy S4 apps

We've hand-picked some of the best apps to feed your hungry, freshly unboxed Samsung Galaxy S4. Next stop, Google Play...

MX Player

£Free Google Play

The Swiss Army knife of Android video players is one of our first go-to apps on any new device, and the Galaxy S4 is no exception. Apart from playing everything you can throw at it, it’s also supported by the Galaxy S4’s Multi Window feature which’ll let you overlay a video window over any open app. Game of Thrones while checking the dismal updates on National Rail? Better than swearing at the screen we suppose.

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Worms 2: Armageddon

£2.99 Google Play

What better way to celebrate your shiny new Galaxy S4 acquisition than by blowing up a bunch of hi-pitched warmongering soil-munchers? Featuring new weapons and customisation options to add a little extra for seasoned veterans, Worms 2: Armageddon should bring back plenty of memories and even more explosive action than before. Exploding sheep, here we come.

SketchBook Ink

£3.32 Google Play

Artistically gifted Samsung Galaxy S4 owners might want to get their creative juices flowing on the go, and the Galaxy S4’s 5in screen should offer plenty of room to sketch, draw and doodle away. SketchBook Ink lets you do all that and more, allowing you to work with layers and imported background images to create pocketable masterpieces. Or, in our case, stick cat drawings.


£Free Google Play

If the Galaxy S4’s Multi Window feature isn’t supported on enough apps for your liking at launch then you’ll definitely want to take Overlay for a spin. This clever app allows you to float your homescreen widgets over any existing apps. Want to see your Spotify widget for easy track changing over your Google Navigation screen? Done. Want to take notes while flicking through the virtual pages of an ebook? Also done. The only limit is your imagination. And the vastness of your widgets collection.

FL Studio Mobile

£12.95 Google Play

Pricey? Yes. Powerful? You bet. Fruity Loops’ mobile version of its feature-packed Desktop software will let budding turntable artists and music producers create tasty licks and block-rockin’ beats from the comfort of their dentist’s waiting room/train carriages/other mundane environments. Over 120 instruments, a customisable piano, drum pads and tons of other controls should have all your portable music-making bases covered.

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