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BlackBerry Bold 9900 spotted in white overcoat

Blackberry Bold 9900 seen sporting pearly white jacket

Ever since the dawn of the first white iPhone, phone manufactures have been intent on giving their most popular smartphones a chalky finish. Even Samsung covered its most popular smartphone – the Galaxy S II – in white wrapping. And the latest phone to be given a lick of white paint is the BlackBerry – or WhiteBerry – Bold 9900.

Spotted at a trade show in Dubai, it’s unclear whether this pearly white 9900 will make it over to the UK, but seeing as the Torch and Bold 9780 have both been given glossy white overcoats, it seems likely. Instead, Canada looks set to be first on its outing list.

It’s worth checking out our Bold 9900 review, if you haven’t done so already, before you decide if you’d like to plump for white livery on your Bold 9900.


BlackBerry Bold 9900 hands-on

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