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CityMatchDay apps lets you get a footie screen for each eyeball

Let the boys in blue take over your iPhone

If football on your TV, your pillow cases and your car’s rear window isn’t enough, Manchester City app CityMatchDay offers yet another way to get footie on your phone.

Few things cause rabid concentration like a football match, but CityMatchDay gives you another screen to glare at in those few seconds when your eyes aren’t attached to the TV.

It launched in preparation for the Manchester City vs United match on Saturday 2 November, but will be used for future matches too.

And, hey, maybe it was partly to blame for City’s 1-0 win that weekend.

The obvious question: what does CityMatchDay actually do? Thankfully it’s not a free-to-pay keepy-uppy game jammed full of microtransactions.

It gives you access to three online TV channels that show you the bits of footage you might not get to see elsewhere, two of which are exclusively available to people in the Etihad Stadium.

First up is CityTV Live, which gets you player tunnel footage plus live content from press conferences, half-time commentary and interviews. This is the one that any old joe can access.

For people at the match, Tactical Cam gives you the classic Championship Manager 1994 view, from way above the pitch.

Finally, the Highlights channel offers replays of all the important moments of a match, from multiple angles.

CityMatchDay apps lets you get a footie screen for each eyeball

The idea is that fans at the match will stream the latter two using the stadium’s Wi-Fi. Can it cope? The people behind the scenes at the Etihad Stadium seem to think so.

CityMatchDay lets you truly drown your phone in Manchester City goo, and it’s available for free for Android devices and iPhones.

Aside from the virtual TV channels, CityMatchDay also gets you access to score updates, league tables and photo galleries. You can get involved too by guessing the score of upcoming games with other users of the City fanatics’ app.

Plus there’s a ‘blogging wall’ that pulls in content from social sources like Twitter. Let’s hope it’s not rammed full of expletives, then.

But it probably will be.

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