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Denon launches new Dolby Atmos soundbar with built-in subwoofers

Denon's new speaker packs Dolby Atmos into an affordable option.

Audio giant Denon is pretty well-known for its quality speaker offerings, perfect for kitting out your home cinema. But with great performance, usually comes high prices, especially if you’re after more premium features like Dolby Atmos. Often, these high-quality audio experiences are a little out of budget for most. But Denon’s latest soundbar is set to change this.

Packing Dolby Atmos, dialogue enhancement, and two subwoofers into a soundbar, Denon’s new DHT-S217 model certainly has all the features on paper. And in a package that costs less than £300, it’s even more impressive.

Packing a punch (literally): The Denon DHT-S217’s features

As the soundbar’s flagship feature, we’ll start with the built-in support for Dolby Atmos. With the modern audio feature, Denon’s DHT-S217 will be able to produce 3D surround sound for a more immersive experience. Since the soundbar is only one speaker, Denon will be virtually creating the effect. While it won’t be quite the same as a true Atmos set-up, Denon promises you’ll get the 3D surround sound effect. That’s good enough for us!

Denon has packed two down-firing subwoofers into this soundbar, alongside a pair of midrange drivers and tweeters. For the non-audio folks out there, this means the new soundbar will be able to cover low bassy ranges for big booms, and clearer midranges for music and dialogue. With Denon’s track record, the sound is sure to be high-performance.

And if the physical tech wasn’t enough, Denon’s latest soundbar includes a Dialogue Enhancer feature as well. The feature can adjust the speaker’s sound during dialogue, with three different modes for you to choose from. The idea is to raise the volume of dialogue without affecting the overall volume. It’s perfect for films with loud scores (we’re looking at you, Christopher Nolan) you want to watch without waking the neighbours.

The soundbar also includes Bluetooth, so you can connect devices to stream your favourite music through the speakers. With HDMI and Optical cable ports, you’ll be able to control the soundbar from your TV’s remote.

Is Denon’s latest soundbar as good as it sounds?

With the two built-in subwoofers, Denon is trying to eliminate the need for any extra speaker gear. Rather than purchasing a separate sub, the soundbar aims to provide all the bass you need. While we haven’t tested the soundbar, audio and cinema geeks will likely still benefit from the quality enhancements that come from individual components. But for most, the DHT-S217 looks rather compelling.

If you’re interested in bagging a Dolby Atmos soundbar at a low price, the new DHT-S217 offering might be just for you. The speaker retails for £249, and will be available from Denon in May after an initial rollout in Japan later this month.