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Ferrari unveils LaFerrari hybrid supercar at the Geneva motor show

Only 499 models of this gorgeous red four-wheeled goddess will be made. Better start saving...

Ferrari is going eco-friendly with the LaFerrari hybrid supercar, freshly unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. We’re quite frankly mesmerised by its curves, but what’s it packing under the bonnet?

An embodiment to the maximum expression of what defines Ferrari (in President Luca di Montezemolo’s words), Ferarri’s latest supercar packs a 950bhp petrol-electric hybrid engine and can hit 62mph in less than three seconds. 15 seconds will have you hurtling along the tarmac at 186mph, after which you can push it to its top speed of 217mph.

Although it doesn’t feature a full-electric mode, Ferrari admits that the Hy-Kers hybrid system could be adapted for full on electric pedal-blasting in future models. The 60kg battery (whose compartment is integrated into the chassis for stiffness) is charged up when braking or with leftover engine torque, with a 161bhp motor driving the rear wheels and another for ancillaries.

The beastly 6,262cc V12 engine roars up to 9,250rpm and produces 789bhp. Throw that electric motor into the mix and speed demons will have 950bhp and 664lb ft of torque to play with.

And as for the price tag on each of the 499 limited edition models? Well, we don’t know yet, but we already know the closest we’ll be getting to one is a desktop wallpaper. Sadface.jpg

[via Telegraph]

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