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First Impressions: Limbo (Xbox 360)

What do you think of when the term 'platform game' is mentioned? Chances are you would conjure up images of cheery rainbow-filled worlds inhabited by

It’s unlikely that you would think of the dark, eerie and unsettling monochrome world of Limbo, a great new platform game available as a download from the Xbox 360 marketplace.

Created by Danish studio PlayDead, Limbo is the platform game of your nightmares. Your role is to guide a shadowy boy through creepy and misty forests and landscapes where the black and white scenery blurs in and out of focus, flickering like a film shot on a ropey early 1900s camera.

It’s a world filled with danger, disquieting horror and hideous deaths. There are bear traps that decapitate with a sickening swish, giant spiders that strike out with an unsettling viciousness and rotting bodies whose presence is heralded by the disturbing drone of flies.

Escaping this world requires not just platform-jumping expertise but puzzle solving such as using the bear traps to snap off the legs of spiders.

It’s true that beyond its startling looks Limbo is just a horror take on platforming but its compelling atmosphere and clever puzzles make it a cut above the average 2D platformer.

LIMBO – In-game Teaser