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Fisker’s Ocean EV is coming to Europe at launch, with a range of up to 390 miles.

The Fisker Ocean will launch in late 2022

Fisker Ocean Silver in Rabbit Lake; Looking up the sky

Electric vehicle startup Fisker has announced that its Ocean EV will be available in Europe from launch in November 2022.

As you might expect, UK vehicles will be slightly later because of the need to be right-hand drive, but founder Henrik Fisker explained to us that the UK is an important market for the vehicle with the second-biggest amount of reservations for the new vehicle in Europe after Denmark.

The car will cost from £34,990 in the UK and will boast at least 275 miles of range, though top trim levels see this rise to 390 miles.

Fisker says that its in-car technology should be more advanced than many rivals due to the company working to ensure it’s using the very latest technology including in the battery. Fisker is working with tech firm Foxconn as well as manufacturer Magna who make parts and some complete vehicles for all kinds of automakers.

Watch Fisker’s launch from MWC 2022

“When you buy a brand new car today, the technology in that car was chosen three or four years ago,” says Henrik Fisker.

“And that makes the car feel old because the technology in the phone was chosen 18 months ago. So what we set out to do, is to make a development plan of two and a half years, where 18 months before [manufacture] we can choose the technology, so it’s just as fast as a phone.”

As well as a Foxconn-developed 17-inch main display in the car that rotates, the car has some other cool tech such as ‘California mode’ that retracts all the glass and the first digital radar system. Fisker knows that others will have it after, but he hopes to be first,

Fisker also says he hopes to create a seamless experience for customers where everything happens via an app and that’s one of the key reasons the manufacturer chose Mobile World Congress for the European launch. “When we started thinking about this vehicle, my idea was to be a digital car company where you don’t have to go to a dealer. You don’t have to bring the car to service – we pick it up. You make an appointment on your app, all that stuff.”