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Fujitsu Arrows waterproof tablet shows up with Windows 8

Not only has the robust tablet reared its flat face once more but this time it comes with an October release date

Back at CES in January, we got our excited mitts on the Fujitsu Arrows waterproof tablet and enjoyed playing with its Honeycomb innards. Now the still-unreleased tablet has appeared at CEATEC in Japan – but this time packing Windows 8.

The 10.1in waterproof tablet, according to Engadget, still sports front and rear cameras along with a micro-USB port and microSD card slot. Exact specs have yet to be revealed – but the fact that we last saw it turned on in a fish bowl has us more than interested.

Expect to get more details soon as the release date should be as soon as October, or as late as November. Either way we’ll let you know details soon – but we don’t expect it to be released outside of Japan right away. In the meantime check out CEATEC’s other big story, Sharp’s 443ppi 1080p mobile phone display.

[Via Engadget]

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