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Gadget of the Day: BLIK digital and Wi-Fi net RadioStation

There are so many radio options these days it’s hard to keep up. From AM to .Com, the number of ways to listen is daunting. If only there was so

Something like the BLIK digital Wi-Fi RadioStation by Revo might work. This black slab of gadget beauty is claiming a place in the Hall of Fame as the world’s first analogue, DAB and Wi-Fi internet radio.

As expected the BLIK RadioStation picks up DAB digital radio – the UK’s signal of choice for top radio action. It also picks up DAB+, the next generation of digital radio. It also receives internet radio and streams music from your PC or Mac thanks to its Wi-Fi capabilities and it loves FM radio with RDS, too. Phew!

But, if after all that, you still can’t find the songs you want, it’ll happily pipe through your iPod tunes with its line-in. It’ll also wake you up with its alarm, if you like.

Revo has also released two other radios – one a net-only Wi-Fi job, BLIK Wi-Fi, and the other a DAB-only job, BLIK DAB. We love these name tags: easy to remember.


BLIK RadioStation, BLIK Wi-Fi, BLIK DAB

Price: £150, £100, £50

On sale: December 19, Out Now

Contact: Revo