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Gadget of the Day: Carlsberg DraughtMaster mark II

To lager-lovers, the perfect pint is a heady goal, with many travelling meters to public houses to achieve this. To bring this goal one step closer to

The new Carlsberg DraughtMaster features an ‘advanced pre-cool function and twin-speed fan for a quicker keg cooling process’, according to the lager manufacturers. We guess that means the beer gets colder quicker. Which is no bad thing. Carlsberg is also boasting the kegged frothy goodness stays fresh for up to three weeks after the first pour.

The DraughtMaster comes with a chrome tap, drip tray, and, for those who never spent University summers working in pubs, a Carlsberg-approved guide to pulling the perfect pint. Sounds prefect for next year’s European Cu… Never mind.

The new DraughtMaster itself is available from Comet, John Lewis, The Next Directory, Littlewoods Direct, and Argos for £130.

The 5-litre (9-pint) kegs are only available from selected Tescos and Thresher stores so it might be worth stocking up on them if you spot any. Plus it looks dead impressive if you have a stack of them in your living room.

You’ll soon have all your mates standing around your living room, pint in hand, leaning over your Xbox version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.


Carlsberg DraughtMaster

Price: £130

On sale: Out Now

Contact: Carlsberg

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