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Gear4 AirZone Series 1 incoming

Finally, an AirPlay speaker that leaves you money for some tunes

Thought that AirPlay was just for owners of £800 home ents systems? Think again as Gear4, makers of all sorts of nifty iPod/iPhone docks and app-cessories, has been showing off its new £199 AirPlay stereo speaker at IFA.

Yes, it looks like a dock – but that’s because Gear4 wouldn’t want to begrudge you the chance to charge your iPod, iPhone or iPad whilst kicking back to whatever hideous music tastes you have. With Apple’s AirPlay technology, you can stream music to the AirZone Series 1 from iTunes on the Mac or PC too. The release date looks like November so not too long until you can get yourself a bargain wireless music set-up.

UPDATE: Gear4 has confirmed a few extra specs for the AirZone Series 1 like the fact that it plays FM radio and comes with a remote control. Watch out for the wireless speaker coming to a Hot Stuff video near you.

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