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GoPro set to expand lineup in the next year with two new models

The action cam snaps again!

GoPro has long been the king of the action camera, and keeps a steady roll-out of new cameras each year. This year will be no different either, as the company confirmed it’ll expand its lineup with a further two next models this year.

Speaking at GoPro’s earnings meeting this week, company CEO, Nick Woodman, said there’d be two new GoPro models this year.

Woodman explained that with these models, the company wanted to target the premium market rather than the market for everybody. He said GoPro was going to target an “entirely different group of users”, and ditch its “Swiss Army Knife” approach.

These two new models will sit alongside the company’s latest model from 2021, the Hero 10 and Hero 10 Black. The Hero 10 Black has the latest and greatest in 5.3K video recording and can take action shots at 23MP.

We’d expect the new camera models to once again improve on this, with higher resolution, a better frame rate, and a faster chip. In fact, Woodman specifically explained the new models will still be based on the current tech, implying we’ll just be seeing a spec bump.

GoPro already offers the MAX and 360 ranges in the premium market, but those are for specific scenarios. Perhaps a new camera aimed solely at professionals does make sense, with more premium features than the other models.

We currently don’t have much more information about these models, so we’ll just have to wait and see. GoPro usually releases its new cameras around September, so we’ll have to wait until the autumn to get our hands on these new models.