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This hi-tech suit promises to electrocute your body into shape

Looking like a futuristic spartan warrior is just a bonus

“The world’s first muscle activating sportswear”. That’s how Antelope is describing its range of technologically enhanced sports clothing, and it’s making some big promises.

Before we jump into the sweaty details, let’s take a look at the advertised benefits of donning these swanky new threads. In four weeks, users can apparently see their jumping ability increase by 20%, along with a 10% increase in muscle volume, with back pain reduced in 90% of cases.

It almost sounds too good to be true, and it might be. The company is currently looking for funds on indegogo, which means it’s yet to be tested by the masses. But the core of the technology – Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), has already been proven to have some effect on muscle growth. 

Some athletes already use EMS units to supplement their training, and the systems are also used in physiotherapy treatments.

Antelope appears to have done away with the cumbersome pads and wires, by integrating the electrodes and flexible wiring into the fabric itself, with the power being taken care of by a rechargeable, and removable, electronic control unit.

The range of Antelope sportswear ranges from the body suit (US$900), to the US$249 arm wings and US$225 calf guards.

In theory, the science seems to slot into place, and from what we’ve seen, the end product doesn’t look like an embarrassing Frankenstein’s clothing experiment gone wrong. It looks rather nice in fact, blending futuristic fashion with function.

If you’re scared of pain, then it doesn’t sound like you should be worried. According to Antelope, it shouldn’t feel any stronger than a strong showerhead being directed on your muscles.

Antelope won’t be shipping any of its range out to backers until February 2016, and it’s already smashed through its US$75,000 goal with US$107,507 raised at the time of writing. And there’s still 47 days left to go.

Feel free to take the plunge yourselves, but bear in mind that you’re not going to see results laying on the couch while suited up. You still have to earn it you know.