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Icon – Rizoma 77|011 Metropolitan

When a designer and a motorbike company join forces it leads to all kinds of pretty

Well that’s different, why does it look like that?

Isn’t it obvious? Good looks are good. The Rizoma 77|011 Metropolitan’s beautifully bowing shape came about through a team-up between Italian motorcycle accessories company Rizoma and fashion designer Dirk Bikkembergs.

Is it good as a bike too?

It should be – with a monobloc carbon frame and belt drive it’ll be light and easy to maintain. Add that attractive – but probably cold and uncomfortable – aluminium saddle plus optional pulley brakes and it’s a solid piece of kit.

How much for this unique beauty?

There are two versions: the White Mat Edition and the Carbon Shiny Edition – both which cost a tidy €3700 (£2960). There’s also a single Spy-R mirror that can be added for more – if that wasn’t enough to spend in one go.

[via DesignBoom]

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