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InCase launches Range Collection cycling bags

InCase's new cycling backpacks, messenger bags and iPhone sleeve keep your tech cozy and dry on the morning commute

Wondering how to tote your gear around on your bicycle? Fret no longer: InCase has launched the Range Collection, a new cycling-specific line of bags.

The Range Collection comprises two sizes of messenger bag and backpack – one suitable for a 15in laptop and one for a 17in model – alongside an iPhone case.

They’re made of a weather-resistant twill, with padded shoulder straps – and have tons of clever cycling-specific features.

Inside the backpacks there’s a cinch collar to make certain the contents stay dry. You get plenty of accessory pockets, including two sited so that you can reach them from a riding posture. There’s a special hidey-hole for your bike pump and a U-lock, plus a padded enclosure for your laptop. You also get reflective decals and a clip for a bike light to keep you visible on the road.

The messenger bags feature the same reflective elements and storage compartments for laptop, U-lock and bike accessories, plus a tarp lining and a quick-release strap. The iPhone holder is made of the same water-resistant twill and will attach to the straps of both types of bag.

InCase has uploaded some videos so you can check out the Range Messenger Bag and Range Backpack in action. And if you’re looking for something to wear with them, check out our 10 of the best commuter cycling gear.

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