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Internet radio heading for UK PSP

The PSP is one of the most useful gadgets you can carry around with you – it can do everything except make a decent cup of tea. And soon it&rsqu

The version 3.80 firmware update Sony plans to let loose on December 18 will power-up PSPs with internet radio functions. You’ll be able to search the planet’s 9000-odd niche radio stations from your favourite wireless hotspot.

The update is worldwide, so your US and Japanese chums will also be jigging to random net-based radio stations.

Other features rumoured for the PSP’s v3.80 update include better RSS support and a scene search function in video playback. You’ll also be able to schedule TV recordings on PSP slims only with the 1Seg TV tuner. But, since the 1Seg isn’t out over here, we doubt that’s going to be a UK thing.

Expect the extra PSP brains to land on December 18.


PSP 3.80 firmware update

Price: £free

Released: December 18

Contact: uk.playstation.com/psp