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iPhone 5 concept laughs in the face of reality

A see-through display and projector keyboard are optimistic predictions, but this design could stop klutzy gadgeteers from tripping over while texting

We’ve seen plenty of iPhone concepts before, but we’re rather taken with this latest iPhone 5 render by Dakota Adney, who’s decided to give Apple’s next-gen phone a see-through makeover.

Whether or not it’s necessary is besides the point – it looks sleek and futuristic enough to tickle our gadget senses and has the added bonus of letting you see any muggers/lamposts/oncoming traffic a little easier, which is nice.

Chuck in a projectable keyboard (because, why not), and you have yourself a highly implausible, but rather desirable iPhone 5 concept which could quite easily come to fruition – albeit in about 10 years or so.

If you’re looking for something a little more substantial, check out our iPhone 5 rumour roundup for all the rumours and speculation in one place.

[via Dvice]

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