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James Cameron predicts glasses-free 3D iPad

Avatar director reckons that 3D tablets will be the "next breakthrough" for glasses-free 3D tech

Avatar director James Cameron expects glasses-free 3D tablets to take off in a big way – and he reckons that an iPad 3D will be the breakthrough device to bring glasses-free 3D to the masses.

Speaking to Current at the 2012 Australian International Design Awards, Cameron revealed that although 3D TV is “not progressing as fast as I thought it might,” he predicts that 3D won’t truly take off until glasses-free 3D tech hits the mainstream – and tablets will be the next big growth area.

“For tablets and laptops, it’s a very straightforward engineering problem to do it, to have good displays without glasses,” Cameron says. “I think the next breakthrough will be something like an iPad that has glasses-free 3D display, and then you’re going to see an avalanche of 3D production.”

Apple’s already filed a patent for a 3D user interface for its touchscreen tech – so Cameron’s theory isn’t as far-fetched as it might seem. We’re looking forward to watching Avatar 2 on our iPad 3D, come 2015.

[via 3D Focus]

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