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KEF releases new home cinema speaker KITs

Audio mastermind KEF is unleashing a rampant hoard of home cinema speakers. We’re told they’re perfect for those of you who just like to p

There are two types of KIT (KEF Instant Theatre – get it?) available: 2.1s and 5.1s. Each speaker set comes with a subwoofer with built-in amplifier and DVD/CD player with HDMI.

The two 2.1 systems, KIT120 and KIT140, come in at £1,200 and £1,500, respectively. KEF tell us they can do a very decent job of creating a surround sound feel – ideal if you have a speaker-to-space ratio budget.

The 5.1 Systems include the KIT160, five floorstanding columns, weighing in at £2,000. There’s three featuring KEF’s trademark slightly-egg-shaped speakers; KIT510, 520 and 530.

Top of the range is the KIT 550, featuring four midrange/bass drivers per speaker. This lovely set hits the shops at £2,500.

KEF churns out some excellent speakers, check out some of our reviews, so we can’t wait to play with these daddys. And, of course, you lot will be the first to benefit from our dedicated speaker fiddling.


KEF Instant Theatre kits

Price: £1,200 to £2,500

On sale: Out Now

Contact: KEF

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