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Land Rover’s Nitride bike is worth its weight in gold

The king of off-road motors has unveiled its latest pedal-powered mountain eater – a blinged-out, bespoke-built bike

Land Rover makes bikes? Gold ones?

Yes, Land Rover has made a few bikes in its time – but few as technically impressive as the Nitride. It’s finished in a PVD titanium nitride coating – the same material used to finish the Olympic torch. Appropriately, it comes in a gold finish – though you can also opt for a more subdued grey anthracite hue.

PVD? What’s that when it’s at home?

It’s a Physical Vapour Deposited titanium ceramic coating – at three microns thick (one fifth of a droplet of mist) it provides a super light layer that makes the Nitride corrosion-proof and virtually scratch-proof. And under that, the bike is built from titanium – meaning a super tough frame that’ll be as good as new long after you’re too old to ride it.

Is it worth its weight in gold?

Well (deep breath) it costs £10,000 – but that does buy you a lot of tech. The Nitride packs an XTR drivetrain with titanium components, bi-laminate disc brakes, tubeless XTR wheels and triple compound tyres for extra toughness. There’s even a Selle Royal Gobi leather saddle thrown in. Bargain. Get your hands on a blingy bike over at landrover-bikes.com.

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