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Levi’s iJeans stride into town

It’s a meeting of minds to rival a brainstorming session with Einstein and Newton – the new Levi’s RedWire DLX iPod compatible jeans hit the streets in November, and we’ve had a sneak preview at this fashion first.These tech-strides feature a low profile pocket on the thigh that lets you discreetly stow your iPod without producing a tell tale bulge. Inside is a dock connector for attaching your ‘Pod (any model except the Shuffle should work Levi’s says) and this feeds a detachable control panel and set of headphones.The ‘phones are standard iPod quality, so thankfully Levi’s has made it possible to replace them with a fresh new pair of Sennheiser CX 300s, or whichever cans take your fancy. Knock yourself out: whack a set of Shures in there if you’re feeling extravagant. Once connected the dock overrides the clickwheel on the iPod and the control stitched onto the pocket takes over. From here you can play, pause, adjust the volume, fast-forward – almost all the general playing functions available directly from the player itself. The whole shebang can be removed to let you wash the jeans, too.Levi’s also has a cheaper pair called simply the RedWire jeans (without the DLX), which come minus the pocket control – kinda defeating the whole object of the jeans in the first place. Team them with a pair of iPod compatible boxer shorts (link below) for the ultimate in gadget fashion gear.