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Luxury Danish smartphone takes minimalist design to a whole new level

Think that nothing can match the design of your iPhone 5? These Danish designers would like to change your mind

Danish luxury phone company Aesir Copenhagen has revealed its second phone concept designed to tempt deep-pocketed gadgeteers to part with copious amounts of cash.

Developed by KiBiSi, the new smartphone is infused with a very minimalist black and white-skinned version of Android and is forged from high-end precision-made parts which include luxury materials like 24-karat gold components.

Sure it might not even have a camera (a feature found on even the most budget of phones these days) but Aesir founder Møller Jensen’s aim isn’t to set the spec sheet on fire.

Instead, he wants to manufacture beautiful phones that are meant to last and prove years of pleasure, as opposed to churning out a phone which will be upgraded and abandoned in 12 months. Although strange, the phone’s design is definitely unique and will stand out among the cookie-cutter iPhone and Android smartphone crowd for the foreseeable future.

Considering that the company nearly went bust trying to sell its first US$10,000 luxury phone, the future of the second version still isn’t clear at this point. But we can guarantee your bank statement will be weeping if you ever decided to spring for one.

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