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New Grand Theft Auto V screenshots show sharks, submarines and planes

Killer sharks, deep sea vessels and passenger planes? Oh yeah. You'll definitely want this game

Rockstar has kindly graced us all with an early Christmas present in the form of new GTA V screenshots, and they look more than good enough to print out and grace our walls till its release in Spring 2013. Click to enlarge, and drool away…

Galeophobes (that is, those of you that tremble at the mere sight of a shark fin) who have already been traumatised by the deep waters of Far Cry 3 will be displeased to see a hefty razor-toothed sea murderer make an appearance. We predict plenty of button mashing and screaming. All in good fun of course.

Next up we’ve got a plane. But not just any plane. This looks like a commercial passenger plane which could lead to all sorts of mid air shenanigans. Prank nose dives anyone? Loop-the-loops? The possibilities are endless.

See that? That looks like a one-man deep sea submersible vessel. The sort of vessel that could see you traverse the ocean floors James Cameron-Style. Giant squid drive-by? We wouldn’t rule it out.

Jaws dropped? Yep, ours too. As long as Rockstar keeps drip-feeding us little titbits every now and then, we might just survive long enough to wrap our hands around GTA V next year. We can’t wait…


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