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Nokia’s new Symbian^3 wares – C6, C7 and E7 slider

Trio of new smartphones accents Nokia’s commitment to Symbian^3

Nokia World 2010 started in London today and the Finns have wasted no time in announcing three new phones to join the N8 in the Symbian^3 stable

Nokia C6

The C6 isn’t going to win many design plaudits, but it’s holding Nokia’s firm ground of safe, functional and intuitive devices.

It’s also hedging its touchscreen bets with a QWERTY under the slider, but the 3.2in AMOLED capacative display with ClearBlack for better contrast in outdoor light should do most of the hard work.

There’s an 8MP cam with flash and it won’t break the bank – it’s dropping in silver, grey and black before the end of the year for around €260 (£220).

Nokia C7

With a curvier design that the C6, it’s obvious from the off that the C7 is is designed to appeal to our vanity. And it’s succeeding, helped by a 3.5in AMOLED shining from the midst of its glass and steel chassis.

Like the C6, there’s an 8MP cam, but here accompanied by a dual-LED flash and the ability to shoot 720p vids.

It’s also being touted as a social network addict’s sidekick, and the price for getting your fix with this skinny thing when it launches by year’s end will be around €335 (£280). Available in charcoal, frosty metal or brown.


Nokia E7

Oi, you in the suit! Yep – the E7 is squarely aimed at the business crowd, but that doesn’t mean you should overlook it if you’re a fan of Nokia’s QWERTY sliders.

Or if you want an 8MP snapper with 720p video capture. It’s got a 4in touchscreen with ClearBlack (see C6), MS Exchange ActiveSync for email and Nokia reckons you’ll be able to review your Q3 results on it for around €495 (£415) when it launches in grey, silver, green, blue or orange before the end of Q4.